Revisit Patients

Procedure Flow for Revisit Patients

Follow-up visits are by appointment in principle. If you need to visit us for follow-up medical care, a doctor will make an appointment by establishing the next visit date and time after consultation with you during the first visit.
  1. If you have an appointment, please present your patient registration card directly to the staff in the department where you have an appointment.
  2. Your appointment status will be printed out on the back of the patient registration card. Please wait for further instructions.
If you do not have an appointment, but desire to receive further medical care, please call the Appointment Center.
If you do not have an appointment, you can visit the hospital on the day and make an appointment at the Follow-up Visit Reception. In this case, your doctor may be absent and another doctor will consult with you.

Your health insurance card is checked
before your medical examination!
Please present it at the reception desk.

Failure to present your insurance card before your appointment may require additional time to be taken upon payment.
Ex: Prescribing medicine for pickup outside the hospital requires checking your insurance number. If your insurance card changes after the prescription has been issued, the prescription must be modified.

Notification of change to treatment payment effective April 2016

A new system of medical co-pays created by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, aims to distribute the role of medicine among different facilities by having patients first seek treatment and screening at a local primary care physician or clinic and then undertaking advanced or specialized medicine where needed at specific hospitals.
Gifu University Hospital acts as one such specified hospital and requires, as a rule, that patients present a referral letter from a primary care physician or clinic.
We urge all patients to find a local primary care physician or clinic with whom to consult with before coming to the hospital.
Effective April 2016, we will require the following patients to pay a co-pay for follow-ups.

Revisit patients in the following case

Note that you will be required to pay a co-pay for follow-ups.
Medical / Dental: 2,700 JPY (2,500 tax exempt) (Medical and Dental facilities are separate)
  1. For patients in stable condition and who have been referred to a clinic with a regular primary care doctor but wish for a follow-up with no referral letter
  2. For patients advised by the hospital to undertake a follow-up with a regular primary care physician or clinic but wishing to continue treatment at this hospital
Procedure Flow


After receiving medical care, please submit your patient registration card to the check-out counter on the first floor. If you have an external prescription, please submit it along with the registration card. Patients seeking to use the deferred payment service should proceed to the deferred payments window.
  1. Please pay your medical treatment cost at the payment counter or using the Automatic Teller Machine.
  2. Cash, credit cards or debit cards (bank cards) can be used for payment.
  3. If you desire to pay the cost at a convenience store or by bank transfer, please notify a responsible person to that effect. (You will be required to pay the transfer fee.)
  4. After checking out, the date, time, etc. for your next medical treatment will be printed on the back of your patient registration card.

Receiving Medicine

Gifu University Hospital cooperates with the separation of dispensing and prescribing that has been recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and practices prescription and medication by means of external prescriptions.

If you desire to receive medicine at an external pharmacy

  1. We will check your external prescription at the check-out counter and hand it to you at the check-out counter, so please pay your medical treatment cost first and then pick up your medicine at the external pharmacy.
  2. As for the pharmacy that is convenient to you, please ask at the External Prescription Counter. We will send your prescription via facsimile to the most convenient pharmacy for your convenience.

If you desire to receive medicine in this hospital

  1. Please pay your medical treatment cost first and then pick up your medicine at the pharmacy counter.

Next Appointment or Change of Appointment

Concerning inquiries for the next appointment or change of appointment, please contact the Appointment Center between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm on weekdays.

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