First Visit Patients

Please Bring a Medical Referral Letter

This hospital has been certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare as a specified hospital equipped to provide advanced and leading medical treatment not otherwise available at standard medical facilities. To that end, we work closely with local medical clinics in order to properly execute a division of responsibilities.
Therefore, if electing to be screened directly at the hospital for the first-time without a "medical referral letter" from another hospital or clinic, a fee of 5,400 JPY applies in addition to the standard examination fees.
"Medical Referral letters" are extremely valuable in quickly and accurately ascertaining a medical condition, its onset, and current treatment.
We encourage you to find a local primary care physician or clinic and undertake screenings at the hospital after obtaining a "medical referral letter".

What's "Referral Letter"?

"Medical referral letters" are used to introduce patients to other medical facilities and contain the name of the diagnosis, its onset, past screenings, and the details of these screenings. They can also contain the nature and results of examinations and medicine or injections prescribed.

Additional Payment in Case with No "Referral Letter"

  1. Patients undertaking a first-time screening with no "referral letter" are subject to a "co-pay".
    Medical/dental: 5,400 JPY (5,000 tax exempt) (Medical and dental facilities are separate)
  2. If undertaking first-time screening with no "referral letter" from another medical clinic
    (Includes cases where the doctor deems the case to medically be a first-time screening)

Merit of Bringing "Referral Letter"

By bringing your "referral letter", we are able to assess the onset of your condition, screening results, and other details, allowing for a smoother screening. In addition, it allows for ensuring that screenings do not overlap and helps curtail medical expenses and time.

Cases that Will be Treated as First-time Screenings

Note that even if you are a regular patient of this hospital, the following cases are treated as first-time screenings.
  1. Undertaking a screening for an illness previously treated for (as a rule, excludes chronic ailments) and that was cured.
    *Note that conditions like colds, that do not require ongoing treatment, are treated as first-time screenings each time.
  2. Where wishing to undertake treatment after three months have elapsed since voluntarily electing to discontinue treatment.
  3. Where having previously undertaken treatment at a medical clinic and now wanting to undertake treatment at the dental clinic, or vice versa.
    *Note that the medical clinics and dental clinic are considered separate insurance categories.

Division of Roles between "the Primary Care Physicians" and Gifu University Hospital

In order to distribute medical functionality in an efficient manner across different facilities, this hospital re-refers patients to local primary care physicians or clinics to continue undertaking treatment after their condition as diagnosed at the hospital has stabilized.

Procedure Flow for First Visit Patients

  1. Please enter the necessary matters in the medical treatment application form at the table in the hall on the first floor, check-in at the first visit reception and present your insurance certificate.
  2. If you have a medical referral letter from another clinic or hospital or a claimant certification for medical care for senior citizens, persons with severe disabilities, infants, etc., please present it with the insurance certificate.
  3. In cases of injury caused by a traffic accident or fight, please notify us to that effect.
  4. If your medical treatment is covered by workers' accident insurance or is covered at public expense (medical assistance, medical rehabilitation service, medical aid for children with potential disabilities, specific illness, etc.), please submit your application form along with your claimant certification, etc. to the reception desk.
  5. After checking in, we will inform you of the appropriate department to visit.
  6. Please present your patient registration card to the official in charge of general reception for internal medicine and surgery or to the reception of each department. When your application is accepted by a department, a number, etc. will be printed on the back of your patient registration card.
  7. After your check-in is completed, please wait in the designated waiting area.
  8. When your number, which is printed on the back of your patient registration card, is displayed on the large screen, please enter the consultation room.
Procedure Flow


After receiving medical care, please submit your patient registration card to the check-out counter on the first floor. If you have an external prescription, please submit it along with the registration card. Patients seeking to use the deferred payment service should proceed to the deferred payments window.
  1. Please pay your medical treatment cost at the payment counter or using the Automatic Teller Machine.
  2. Cash, credit cards or debit cards (bank cards) can be used for payment.
  3. If you desire to pay the cost at a convenience store or by bank transfer, please notify a responsible person to that effect. (You will be required to pay the transfer fee.)
  4. After checking out, the date, time, etc. for your next medical treatment will be printed on the back of your patient registration card.

Receiving Medicine

Gifu University Hospital cooperates with the separation of dispensing and prescribing that has been recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and practices prescription and medication by means of external prescriptions.

If you desire to receive medicine at an external pharmacy

  1. We will check your external prescription at the check-out counter and hand it to you at the check-out counter, so please pay your medical treatment cost first and then pick up your medicine at the external pharmacy.
  2. As for the pharmacy that is convenient to you, please ask at the External Prescription Counter. We will send your prescription via facsimile to the most convenient pharmacy for your convenience.

If you desire to receive medicine in this hospital

  1. Please pay your medical treatment cost first and then pick up your medicine at the pharmacy counter.

Next Appointment or Change of Appointment

Concerning inquiries for the next appointment or change of appointment, please contact the Appointment Center between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm on weekdays.

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