Declaration of the Rights of Patients

Gifu University Hospital Declaration of the Rights of Patients

We, the members of the Gifu University Hospital staff, hereby declare that any patient (in cases where the patient cannot make his/her own decisions, the person or guardian who has parental authority) has the following rights in order to receive optimal medical care based on his/her own intention and choice.
  1. To receive the optimal medical care fairly.
  2. To receive explanations concerning the patient's illness or content of medical treatment until the patient understands them, to state his/her desire or opinion (consent, choice or refusal), and not to be disadvantaged by it.
  3. To hear an additional doctor's opinion (second opinion).
  4. To view the patient's own medical records in accordance with the procedures of Gifu University Hospital.
  5. To require the patient's private information to be protected and not disclosed to third parties without justifiable reasons.
  6. To decide whether or not to receive a medical care which is under development, such as a clinical trial, etc., after receiving sufficient information.
  7. To respect the intentions of donor.

Requests to Patients

Please understand and cooperate with the following in order for us, members of the medical staff, to respect our patients rights and provide optimal medical care.
  1. Please inform us of your health conditions as specifically and accurately as possible.
  2. If you do not understand any aspect of your medical treatment, please ask us questions until you understand it.
  3. Please do not engage in mischievous behavior or act in any way that is a hindrance to the medical service of hospital staff members.
    In cases where you engage in mischievous behavior or hinder medical services, we may decline your request for medical treatment.
  4. Please follow the rules of Gifu University Hospital.
  5. Please cooperate with the education and research that are the mission of university hospitals.

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