Charter, Basic Strategies


Gifu University Hospital and its members hereby declare that the Hospital shall act in accordance with our philosophy "Cultivating trust and confidence through communication" a social mission of the hospital aiming to play roles in and conduct researches in clinical medicine and to cultivate medical leaders of the next generation.
  1. 1. Our hospital provides a medical staff focusing on the specific needs of our patients.
  2. 2. Our hospital enriches and nurtures the humanity and compassion of our medical staff.
  3. 3. Our hospital conducts innovative research and development, providing advancements in our medical practices.
  4. 4. Our hospital leads advanced research in clinical medicine.
  5. 5. Our hospital works to strengthen the cooperation between itself and the community.
  6. 6. Our hospital works to enrich the advanced functions within the hospital and to provide satisfactory services to patients.
  7. 7. Our hospital implements long term active management.

Basic Strategies

Basic Medical Strategies

  1. Become the best hospital provide the best services to patients.
  2. Improve functionality as advanced medical center and contribute to local medicine.

Core strategy for training talent

  1. Partner with the local municipality to train medical practitioners to lead the region.
  2. Improve functionality as a center promoting medical training.
  3. Support new programs of specialized medicine.
  4. Restructure hospital organization (including hospital professor).
  5. Develop a theory of coaching.
  6. Improve hospital nurseries and make them more robust.

Core strategy for advanced and acute care medicine

  1. Provide advanced medical care and the best services to patients as a specified functional hospital.
  2. Establish medical wards and sick bed functionality to cope with estimated future population change.
  3. Create a next-generation hospital climate (build an annex dedicated to new surgery modalities).
  4. Improve PFM (install admission center, discharge counter, pre-op management center).
  5. Establish next-generation cancer treatment facilities.

Core strategy for development of new medical technology

  1. Promote clinical research and develop new medical technology.
  2. Turn next-generation clinical research promotion center into a profit center.
  3. Employ clinical trials and treatment for which patients can elect to participate in.
  4. Improve integration with core research hospitals.
  5. Improve functionality as a hub serving as a platform for the region.

Core strategy for crisis management and disaster response

  1. Structure organization to act as a core disaster-response hospital for the region.
  2. Restructure BCP and conduct disaster training for the same.
  3. Establish and maintain QRC.

Core strategy for establishment of business basis.

  1. Improve business basis by creating agile operations and run the organization efficiently.
  2. Increase rate of hospital bed usage.
  3. Increase number of surgeries being performed.
  4. Regulate the cost of medical and pharmaceutical products.
  5. Regulate the cost of treatment materials and equipment.
  6. Improve PR strategy.

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