Hospital Environs Map

Access to Gifu University Hospital

By rail
JR Get off at Gifu Station on the JR Tokaido line.
Meitetsu Get off at Meitetsu Gifu Station on the Meitetsu main line.
By bus
Gifu University and Hospital line Starting at JR Gifu Station (via Meitetsu Gifu Station, Tetsumei-cho, Senjudou, and Chusetsu)
Ginan line Starting at Miyake (via JR Gifu Station, Meitetsu Gifu Station, Yanagase, Nagara Kitamachi, and Nagarabashi)
Gifu-Takatomi line Starting at Takatomi (Mitabora, Nagara Kitamachi (transfer here), and Sagiyama)
(Gidai) Gifu University Liner Starts at Gifu bus terminal (passes through JR Gifu Station and Gifu University)
Seiryu Liner Starts at JR Gifu Station (passes through Nishinomachi, Kitadaka, and Masaki Masa)

Travel time from major stations

Bus stop Destination Bus stop to get off Travel time
JR Gifu Station: No.9 Gifu University Hospital (via Nagarabashi) Gifu University Hospital (Gifu Daigaku Byouin) (terminal) Approximately 40 minutes
Gifu University Hospital (via Chusetsu)
Meitetsu Gifu Station: No.4 Gifu University Hospital (via Nagarabashi)
Meitetsu Gifu Station: No.5 Gifu University Hospital (via Chusetsu)

By Taxi

From JR Gifu Station or Meitetsu Gifu Station Approximately 20 minutes

Parking lot

Note that the number of parking spaces is limited, so we ask that you use public transit where possible.
The parking lot features a paid toll gate. Please follow the instructions of the parking attendant when parking.
The parking fee can be paid in cash or by a prepaid card (Serve Card) that is sold in the hospital.
If you plan to pay in cash, please prepare exact change.
(10,000, 5,000 and 2,000 yen bills cannot be used.)
  1. The parking lot is open 24 hours, but note that you will incur parking fees while staying at the hospital, so please park elsewhere during that time.
  2. Patient IDs are scanned at the payment desk and intake/discharge windows between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM and at the night intake desk during other hours.
  3. Advance payment machines are installed at the entrance lobby and at the nighttime entrance.
Parking fees
Patients and attendants on the day of hospitalization
Attendants who came to the hospital on the day of discharge
It does not include the day of discharge when using parking continuously during the hospital stay.
Up to 60 minutes from entrance: free
Over 60 minutes to 24 hours from entrance: 100 yen
Over 24 hours from entrance:
Total amount of 100 yen plus the sum of charges for the period over 24 hours (500 yen per day)
General visitors (patient visitors, attendants and others) Up to 30 minutes from entrance: free
Over 30 minutes to 90 minutes from entrance: 200 yen
Over 90 minutes from entrance to 24 hours:
Total amount of 200 yen plus the sum of charges for the period over 90 minutes (100 yen per hour).
If the total amount exceeds 500 yen, the parking charge is 500 yen.
Over 24 hours from entrance:
Total amount of 500 yen plus the sum of charges for the period over 24 hours (500 yen per day)
Note that parking fees for the above parking lot changed effective July 1, 2016.


  1. Please be careful not to leave the parking ticket or valuables in your car.
  2. If you have trouble with the parking ticket machine or automatic ticket gate, etc., please press the "Attendant Call Button" of the parking ticket machine or the automatic ticket gate and contact an attendant.
  3. Gifu University Hospital is not responsible for any accident, damage, theft, etc. that occur in the parking lot.

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